Renewal and Maintenance


A Diplomate of ABMP will be required to maintain “good standing” in order to advertise his/her status to the public. The requirements for maintenance of “good standing” will be determined from time to time by the ABMP Board of Directors. In general, the following will be required:

​1. An unrestricted license to practice psychology in the state, province or other relevant jurisdiction where the Diplomate practices. Diplomate status will terminate immediately upon loss of license or voluntary surrender of license. However, a Diplomate may change their license designation to “retired,” or some similar status with no effect on his/her status as a Diplomate.

​2. Completion of the ABMP Recertification Examination as required by the Board. The Board of Directors may periodically issue new requirements for maintenance, including additional continuing education requirements, proof of specialty knowledge or skills, new forms of examination, or issues relating to the cost of the recertification process.

​3. Maintain membership as a Fellow in the Academy of Medical Psychology and continuous payment of annual membership dues supporting the specialty (If a diplomate is arrears in any year’s annual dues, they may attain reinstatement by paying/catching up all years arrears dues and the current year’s dues).

​If using check or money order please make checks payable to Academy of Medical Psychology.