Application Process


Here is a short outline of how the application process proceeds:

1. We receive your application, (see this website), and application fee ($150).

2. The Credentials Committee reviews the application.

3. The Credential Committee makes a determination.

a. If the Credentials Committee approves the applicant for candidacy, you will be alerted by central office staff.

b. If deficiencies exist, you will be notified about remedial work or training required to qualify.

4. Central Office will perform a national background check ($12.50).

5. Upon passing the following steps, the candidate will be informed that they are eligible to take the Written Examination ( may be substituted with the PEP or VERITAS) exams.

6. After passing the Written Examination, the Candidate will be informed that they are eligible to submit work samples.

7. The Candidate will then submit two (2) work product samples, consisting of actual documentation (with identifying information deleted), demonstrating the applicant’s clinical skills in the area of medical psychology. The Credentials Review Committee will review the work samples.

8. If the work samples are determined to reflect the degree of medical psychological complexity and competence required, the candidate will be notified that he/she has been approved for the scheduling of the oral examination. The Candidate will then submit the fee for the oral examination ($500.00).

9. Upon passing the credential review, written examination, the work sample review, and oral examination, the Board will convene. The Board will notify the Candidate that they are being advanced to Diplomat Status.